Alvvays at the Gateway!

The show was amazing, what more can I say? I did my best to get a few photos:             As you can see, I was challenged by my vertical limitations…             I have a legitimate excuse this time for not bringing a real camera: you are not allowed without a pass! Read more →

Mas Ysa

Mas Ysa is the stage name of Thomas Arsenault, a Montreal-based musician. His first EP Worth was released earlier this year. He combines cryptic lyrics with moody music and the end result makes you want to cry. Every song is a builder. This song got a lot of play on my iPod early in 2014. It came up on random today and… Read more →


Alvvays is great. They have that revamped 60’s girl group sound that has been so popular of late, but they do it better. The lead singer, Molly Rankin is an actual Rankin Family descendent. Wow. Their debut album, which  was produced by local darling, Chad VanGaalen, was released in July. Alvvays is fun and cool and they will be playing at the… Read more →

Run the Jewels 2

Run the Jewels released their second album, Run the Jewels 2 at the end of October and it’s awesome. I played it three times, back-to-back just this afternoon. Here’s a track: Run the Jewels was in Calgary in August ( I did not get to go ) And Killer Mike was here on his own in June for Sled Island 2014: Read more →

Parquet/Parkay Courts/Quarts

Parquet Courts, who released their 3rd album Sunbathing Animal earlier this year, will be releasing another album in November, this time under the name “Parkay Quarts”. The name change is likely attributed to the fact that for the most part, only co-frontmen Andrew Savage and Austin Brown were involved in the recording of the album. The rest of the sound was filled out by… Read more →

Zola Jesus is good now.

I did somewhat enjoy her previous albums, but I really hated that deep throaty thing Nika Roza Danilova insisted on doing with her voice. She performed at the Central United Church during Sled Island in 2011, and while she was certainly entertaining to watch, I had to fight with every fibre of my being not to cover my ears and sneak out of the… Read more →

Chance the Rapper hates everything.

Yesterday, Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment released a new song to help launch Twitter’s new Audio Card – a new feature that allows you to play music directly through Twitter. This song is actually a long list of everything Chance hates. It is verrrrrrry mellow, but it’s pretty. Earlier this year, the group released a cover of the theme song… Read more →


Canadian musician, Dan Boeckner – former member of Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, and current member of Divine Fits -has recently taken on yet another project – Operators. The group formed somewhat secretly late in 2013, following the demise of Boeckner’s relationship with former Handsome Furs bandmate/spouse, Alexei Perry. Operators sounds very much like Handsome Furs, but with a more full… Read more →